5 Tips to Make Beer at Home

Drinking beer after a week full of work and stress is definitely something to look forward to. There are even some people who would drink it a few times a week. But why spend and go out if you can make your beer at home. Making your own beer does not have to be that difficult especially when you have the following tips to follow that you can use to brew a better beer. As long as you have the ingredients and you know the process of making one, you can definitely brew your own beer. Follow these tips and you will surely craft a nice tasting beer.

Fresh Ingredients 

The quality of taste would always depend on the kind of ingredients used. If you want to make a homebrew that tastes so much better, you need to use fresh and high quality ingredients. For instance instead of using dry yeast, you can use liquid yeast. For an exact brew, why not use a fresh extract instead of a can. You should also be meticulous when it comes to storage. Store the grains in a dry and cool place while the liquid yeast inside the refrigerator. Keep in mind that crushed grains, liquid malt, yeast, dry malt and hops have limited shelf life.

Chill Wort

To increase the fallout of tannins as well as proteins, chilling the wort quickly is important. It also reduces the risk of having an infection. You can have an immersion wort chiller that will significantly improve the beer quality. On top of that, it also improves the clarity of your beer.


Tried-and-True Recipes

Depending on your preference, there are different tastes that you can achieve when making beer. But to avoid wasting time and money, it is strongly recommended that you follow tried-and-true recipes. If you have been using a certain recipe and you know that it works well for you then you can stick to that. In case you want to try another, make sure that you take the time researching if the recipe really works. You can search the Internet

Late Extract Addition

When brewing beer, you should be careful when it comes to extraction. You want to avoid the effects of carmelization and Maillard reaction as they can significantly affect the taste of your beer. The reason the extract should be added late enough is to prevent the darkening of the beer but at the same time it should not be too late to ensure that the extract itself is sterilized.

No-Rinse Sanitizer

In preparing the ingredients and all throughout the process of making your own beer, you should make sure that everything is clean.  Wash your hands first and make sure that you do not use sanitizer. Few may not be totally aware of it but it can somehow affect the beer you are brewing.
Making your own beer does not have to be too hard. If you have already starting your own beer and you enjoy it then it is best that you spend for long term purchases. In that way, you get to save money and you get to brew your own beer anytime you want it. Achieve the taste of beer exactly how you want it.